IT Consulting Services


IT Consulting Services

February 14, 2016
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Our IT consultants provides companies with advice and architectural design for IT systems, processes and strategies. Because we live IT day in and day out, and we work with companies of all shape and sizes, our exposure to new technology, ideas and concepts far exceed those of Internal IT staff. This is particularly true for small or medium sized companies that are reliant on a “one-man-band” IT team. Often internal IT or one man IT contractors are so busy “keeping the lights running”, they do not have time to develop new IT strategies, processes and design systems that are crucial to allow growing companies to continue to expand without huge increases in IT operating costs. Additionally because of a lack of time and resources, often important but not immediately urgent infrastructure and processes such as Disaster Recovery, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans are either never implemented or updated to cater for a growing and changing IT environment. MKD’s IT Consulting Services is able to assist companies in assessing, designing and implementing DR, DRPs and BCPs.

Whether you need advice on the best approach to implement an IT project, a complete IT Infrastructure audit and/or strategy review or something in between, contact us now for an obligation free quote.

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